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Monday, October 11, 2021

On This Columbus Day

Discover your turn signal and how to use it properly.


Stewart Dean said...

As someone older and hard of hearing, I wish to God car manufacturers would put volume controls on the blinker module so I could effin' hear it.

seafury said...

Turn signal? hmm I'll have to google that. Seriously as someone who pilots an 18 wheeler over the hills and dales, that would make my job a lot easier. I do get the universal signal several times every day, the raised middle finger. I wish they'd wave with their whole hand....

w3ski said...

Cars that used the older relay "can" style blinker have an audible replacement available. Even it isn't exactly loud. With the newer solid-state animals, I'm just not sure.
The one on my truck cancels so easily, so it rarely stays on.

Frank Wilhoit said...

When I moved to a new state in 1984, I noticed that a significant fraction of cars ran their headlights at all times during the day. Looking closer, the drivers of such cars all appeared to be very old. (Sometimes all that could be seen of them was the tops of their hats.) I asked a local, and they may have answered facetiously, but what they told me was that headlights-always-on had been the law in that state until 1931, and that anyone who had been taught to drive before that year retained the habit for life. In any case, over the following years, the phenomenon ramped down to zero at just the rate that would be expected if it were true.

Turn signals, on the other hand, were, as one thinks, invented around that same time (1920s?); but news of that development has still not penetrated this far into the hinterland. Every so often, someone turns one on by accident, and rolls obliviously down the freeway for hour after hour. Then there are the people who turn right out of the left lane, or (a bit less often) vice versa; and one wonders: if they did use their turn signals, which one would it be?

dinthebeast said...

As a former delivery driver, I heartily concur. Molly Ivins once said that deciding policy was hard, and if given the chance to rule the world, the only thing she could think of to mandate was the use of turn signals for lane changes, but even that might backfire if drivers failed to cancel their signals and just ended up causing more accidents.

-Doug in Sugar Pine