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Thursday, October 21, 2021

A New Hi-Power?


The two clues are the photo of John M. Browning, Jr. on the top shelf of the workbench and the time shown on the clock next to the photo.

My guess would be that if Springfield Armory is going to "bring back" the Hi-Power, it's going to be a Turkish or Indian clone.


CenterPuke88 said...

You could argue the “1911-A1” and “XD” labels on the tool box might also be clues. Since the original Hi Power design was created around the 1911 patents and then redone in 1928 with many of the features just out of protection. The XD could be the indication of .40SW and 9mm versions.

Tod Germanica said...

Yep, it says here:
It dont say much though.
But the hi-power never went away, really. Because it was and is so good. Lacking mostly just light weight and DA trigger keeping it from being modern. My FEG clone is the last one I'm selling despite tinnitus preventing me shooting. So smooth yet so formidable. The obviously improved M1911a1 in a potent standard military caliber, double stackable clip pre Glock by many years. Not hot rodible like a 1911 but accurate, reliable and, powerful- 13+ 1 up the spout? In a zippy military round actually capable of penetration and standard worldwide in case of zombies. But as for making money selling brand new 1920s tech? As us old volks say 'I don't know about that'.