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Wednesday, October 20, 2021

It's Capitalism, Baby

Overworked nurses, who are not being paid well by their hospitals, are quitting and working as traveling nurses. As one nurse put it, after aher facility rewarded the nurses with free pizza: "There is a difference between knowing my calling and knowing my worth."

Hospital CEOs are not an underpaid lot. Konowing that, when a nurse feels as though she (or he) is being taken advantage of, hitting the road can be lucrative.

In the labor market in general, a lot of chickens are coming home to roost. Keeping the squeeze on workers, pulling out more productivity without paying for it, and then handing buckets of cash to the C-suite occupants, is not sustainable.

And it should not be. And it would seem that the reckoning is coming for a lot of companies that have been treating their workers like ore to be mined and then the tailings discarded.


seafury said...

Getting more productivity out of people and not paying for it has ALWAYS worked. And always will work. I wish I could remember the guy who put Delphi Automotive out of bizness (maybe only in that iteration) His lament was we were grossly overpaying workers in America and underpaying our CEO's "Soon we may not have any CEO's". This was back in the 90's IIRC

DTWND said...

I've worked for a few wanna-be tyrants in FAA management and the private sector. Their standard line is "If you don't like it here, then find another job." The thing is, now there are lots and lots of other jobs to be had. I can see where some small businesses will go under, rather than admit their business 'model' wasn't/isn't working.


Jones, Jon Jones said...

UNC hospital is losing trained staff because they can make 4X as a traveling nurse or retire.

Not good for the patients that need that level of doctor expertise among other things.