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Friday, October 22, 2021

Happy Ruger Day!

That is all.


Bob said...

Got a disturbing content warning when I clicked to view the content.

Richard said...

I'm just going to take your word for it. You know more than me about these tools, and they are probably ok. I don't use them,
I'm still back in the club stage.

Jimmy T said...

I had one of those, but I gave it to my son-in-law, even though he and my daughter live in a nice neighborhood...

w3ski said...

I have always found Ruger firearms to feel clunky. Never really got them to perform that well either. Then there was the time my .44 Blackhawk spit a roll pin out of the rear sight when fired. Something is just not right there.

Tod Germanica said...

The original and Mark II are great natural pointers, like a Luger. Fair trigger and accurate enough for squirrels and tin cans but not good enough for competition. Durable and stone reliable for a rimfire. But way heavy with unnecessarily complex breakdown. I'll never sell my 6" bbl Mk II, sporting flamboyant zebra wood target grips. Beauty. And a brilliant, economical, mostly stamped metal design, cheap to make and sell. They are everywhere.

0_0 said...

Ha! Took me a moment.
I don't have a 10/22 (just an old Model 60) but I do have a Single-Six in .327. I like it.

Keith said...

My 10-22 has a carbon fiber barrel w/stainless insert, composite stock, and Tasco 3-9 scope. It's a nail driver.