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Wednesday, October 20, 2021

A Piss-Poor Excuse for a Human Being

General Powell served this nation for decades. He sought no personal riches for his service. Yes, he made a major mistake with his presentation of the bogus evidence for war with Iraq, but he admitted that it was a mistake.

Contrast that with the Orange Goober of Mar-a-Lago, a man who dodged the draft with an allegedly phony medical deferment and whose sole turn at public service was focused on enriching himself and his family, ending it in trying to carry out a self-coup to stay in power.

It has been a sad commentary on the Republican party that they are so willing to destroy our constitutional form of government in their naked desire for power. They have been placing their party ahead of their nation. And as long as people continue to vote for those gutless wonders, the fate of our nation as a democracy is hanging by a thread.

1 comment:

dinthebeast said...

Whatever good attributes Colin Powell possessed were not enough to keep him from exploiting them in the service of the Republican party's push to invade Iraq based on lies and revenge fantasies.
He lent his considerable credibility to the obvious lie of WMDs, and in doing so, caused a lot of Americans to buy the obvious bullshit, believing that he must have sound reasons for the things he said.
Those sound reasons turned out to be the simple fact that he was a Republican.

There are no more Colin Powells in the Republican party now, but if there were, they would be selling their credibility for pennies on the dollar in the service of the big lie du jour, that the election was stolen from Fergus.

The Republican party is a monster manufacturing machine that takes any resources it can get from those who subscribe to it and converts them into evil, then tries to sell that evil as righteousness.

Don't buy it. It kills you.

That said, Fergus wouldn't make a wart on Colin Powell's ass.

-Doug in Sugar Pine