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Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Gee. Another Republican Congressman is, at His Core, a Neo-Nazi.

Congressman Paul Gosar tweeted a link on Wednesday to a website that routinely publishes the work of neo-Nazis, white nationalists, and Holocaust deniers.

It was the Republican from Arizona’s latest plunge into the world of far-right extremism, having previously palled around with militias, spoken at a conference organized by a white nationalist, and repeatedly promoted the work of another Holocaust denier

This is no surprise, or it should not be. The Republican party has been veering from being a center-right party to becoming a far-right/white supremacist/neo-nazi party. It's comprised of outright Nazis and the like, like Trumpand Gosar, to toadies who have no principles or spine, like Scalise. McCarthy, DeathSantis, and Abbott.


gray fox said...

When six of your own siblings campaign against you, it kinda sorta should tell you something.

dan gerene said...

In Lansing, Michigan on Tuesday the Trump nuts were protesting for even another election audit. There was actually a state rep(R)there wearing a pin with the American flag with a Q on it. When questioned she said a Q was they highest level of security clearance. Maybe next it will be a swastika and their explanation of it is that it isn't a swastika it's a pinwheel to celebrate their grandchild's birthday.

Comrade Misfit said...

Dan, that crap about a "Q clearance" is a load of shit. That's a Department of Energy clearance. My recollection is that there was no such designation in the Department of Defense.

but that's the thing about QAnon morons and their Trumpanzees confederates. They have no problem with desecrating the Flag for their purposes and they're the same clowns who scream about showing respect when the Anthem is played.

Eck! said...

Just another case of: "We can do that, we're republicans."

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