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Sunday, October 10, 2021

Kevin McCarthy Has the Backbone of One of Those Inflatable Tube-Men Outside of a Car Dealership

Trump isn't Hitler, he likes rich Jews. But he's singing from the same hymnal.

Maher has a point. You don't have to go far to find people who truly believe that the remedy for the fact that The Manchurian Cantalope lost is to declare civil war and start killing people who don't look like them.

Who has an investment in causing such chaos? Russia, for one, as a weakened U.S. gives them more chances to bring Europe to heel. China, for another, which will probably use American distraction as the opportunity Xi is looking for to take Taiwan. Which may or may not result in a wider war that will do fucking wonders for the global economy.

How do we avoid this?

it's pretty clear that we can't trust Republicans to be rational, let alone patriotic. They're selling their souls in service of Their Big Lie. If they can gain control, they're more than happy to pull down the country around our ears to do it. They'd rather preside over a smoldering pile of ashes than be on the sidelines for a prosperous country.

The Democratic party needs to fully come to grips with the idea that Republicans have become amoral street-fighters who only care about power. They are unwilling to play by the rules of a free democracy: If you lose an election, come back with better ideas and sell those to the electorate. No, their plan is if you can't win it, steal it.

The Democratic party had better realize that this isn't 1996 or 2004.

But I have zero confidence that the same people who thought that Hillary Clinton was the best choice in 2016 can recognize the danger the country faces, let alone come up with a coherent plan to avoid the danger at hand.

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Nebris said...

Establishment Democratic fealty to their donors makes them incapable of taking the actions required to create real positive change.