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Sunday, September 19, 2021

Your Sunday Morning Prop Noise

Departures from EAA-Oshkosh:

You'll see the only flying Stinson Trimotor as well as a 1/3rd scale flying replica of a B-17.


seafury said...

Before I knew it was the Bally bomber, my first thought was jeez is that guy big.

Sarah said...

Nice. The variety of aircraft you see at Osh is amazing. So great to go this year and camp, after a no-show year. Felt safe enough even for a covid worry wart - all outdoors, and we avoided the larger people clumps at the daily airshow.

The longer conga line arrival NOTAM was an improvement, but they still made us fly a lengthy one during a light traffic spell Thursday. 20 minutes at 1800' and 90kts along the shorelines to Ripon and on..

Old NFO said...

Absolutely amazing persistence to see that come to reality!