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Monday, September 20, 2021

Gio Benitez is One of the Dumbest Reporters on ABC News (and that's saying something in and of itself).

Yep, this is really dumb: In his gushing report on SpaceX's "Inspiration Four" return from orbit, he names the rich clown who paid for the flight as the "Commander" and someone else as the "Pilot".

Keep in mind that the flight had been ballyhooed as having no trained astronauts on board, that it was basically an autonomous vehicle that was overseen by the ground controllers. It was, in essence, a passenger-carrying drone. There was no fucking crew on board. They were all passengers.

To call one rich jerk-off who bought the flight the "commander" and one of his guests the "pilot" is beyond hyperbole. For Benitez to swallow that PR bullshit without even any seasoning speaks ill of him.

I'm sorry: Riding around the Earth for three days in a space capsule, all the while peeing and pooping in your spacesuit? That's been done a long time ago.


Tod Germanica said...

Well, come on, it's not like any of these rich fuckwads is going to be cleaning the expensive fouled suit personally, the help will do that. And perhaps be thanked as one of the little people who made the 'astronaut' 'commander' plutocrat's ride such good fun. And, get a $50 tip, too. America, fuck yea.

Eck! said...

I feel otherwise for a good reason.

If we are to get into space as a race we need it to be nearly automatic.
IT helps that we are able now as all that we learned in the how to
department was flushed down the toilet when the prior space activities
reached their terminus. That was especially true for Apollo and Shuttle.
All that paper in file drawers was deem no longer met retention requirements
one a program ended. A mass "we forgot how it worked".

So we get to do it again. History is like that.


J4rh34d said...

Evidently, the problem with the Dragon's toilet was things did not hit the suction fan properly, and it had to be shut down.

Glenn Kelley said...

Sian Proctor was a finalist in NASA's astronaut candidate program back in 2009.
For a black immigrant this was probably the only way she was going to get to space despite having the scientific qualifications .She's not rich and I doubt the 22 year old is either . She won the spot in a draw .

It's also interesting how little credit Musk gets . He actually put people in orbit . Branson and Bessous(sp)barely left the atmosphere.

Tod Germanica said...

It's always heartwarming how our betters include an occasional plebian to demonstrate their largess to us little people. We should be more grateful for their charity.

william said...

Dear Misfit,
I deeply resent your implication. When I was 8 or 9 years old and held the reins on the merry-go-round at Revere Beach I WAS the jockey, damnit. And I'll fight anybody who says otherwise.