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Saturday, September 18, 2021

Wait to See the Appeals

Robert Durst’s long, bizarre and deadly run from the law ended when a Los Angeles County jury convicted him in the murder of his best friend more than 20 years ago.

The 78-year-old New York real estate heir, who was long suspected but never charged in the disappearance of his wife in New York in 1982 and acquitted of murder in the 2001 killing of a neighbor in Texas, was found guilty Friday of the f first-degree murder of Susan Berman.
The defense said they believed there was “substantial reasonable doubt” and were disappointed in the verdict, attorney David Chesnoff said. He said Durst would pursue all avenues of appeal.

Durst has availed himself of the platinum-level of the criminal justice system. Almost anyone else would have been in prison decades ago. But when one gets to a certain level or noteriety, eventually, things catch up to you.

but still, with his money and his ability to hire oodles of crackerjack appellate lawyers, he may still breathe free air and go on to kill again.

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re the paragon said...

I'll bet that the case is going to be overturned on appeal. The evidence of the other murders probably should not have been admitted into evidence, the prejudicial effect far outweighs the probative value. Especially in the case where he was found not guilty.