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Sunday, January 20, 2019

Unfit to Sail, Unfit to Fight

Between a crew that was not properly trained to operate the ship's equipment and equipment that didn't function, the USS Fitzgerald was a disaster waiting to happen.

The unstated fact is that the Navy has too few ships to meet the commitments that the admirals say they can fill. That's why ships are putting to see with critical safety and navigation equipment that is broken. That's why thy're sailing with crews that haven't been properly trained.

Somebody needs to say "we can't do this, boss." Hanging a few lieutenants out to dry won't fix a damned thing.


Leo Knight said...

And this is in peacetime. What happens if shooting starts?

ac2usn said...

Inspections stop, training drops, failures increase.


CenterPuke88 said...

Yet, hang a few they will. The condition of the CIC alone should be grounds for removal of the senior onboard officers. The deferred maintenance list should be investigated, and if that list (and its status) was known to onshore staff, heads should roll. As for the demands exceeding the capacity of the Navy, that goes right to the top. The failure of top leadership to support the at-sea personnel should be unconscionable!

0_0 said...

New shiny is always more appealing than maintenance.

Except for those who must deal with the results.