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Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Delusional Donnie

House Democrats refused to participate in a Tuesday afternoon meeting with President* Donald Trump, dashing the White House’s long-shot hopes of convincing moderates to circumvent their leaders and reach a grand bargain to reopen the government.
The House Democrats know what Trump refuses to admit: That they are now the majority party in the House because Trump did his best to make the mid-term election about him and he lost, bigly. So what incentive do they have to go around their leaders to talk to Trump?

Maybe he planned to serve them room-temperature/rotting hamberders?

On another note, the White House Mess (where the staff eats) is run by the Navy. They're not on shutdown. So Trump could have given the Clemson players some decent food. But if there has been a president wh has had less class and grace than Trump, his name eludes my mind.


re the paragon said...

I watched a video of President Obama addressing the crowd at a ceremony honoring Raoul Wallenberg. How we switched from such a bright, articulate man to the the ignorant, narcissistic, orange traitor is baffling.

It was on this day 74 years ago that the Russians took Wallenberg into custody, where he eventually was killed.

Deadstick said...

Michael Strahan has invited the Clemson team to NYC for a real dinner...

Comrade Misfit said...

Deadstick, OT, please drop me a line. Stinsongal Aaaat gmail

0_0 said...

Steph Curry has, too.

DTWND said...

Isn't it kinda funny that the Prez is trying to entice the Dems to come to the negotiation table to try to end the shutdown. If I recall correctly, the last time the Dems and the Prez sat down to negotiate, someone stopped negotiating, said bye-bye, and left the room.

Anyone else recall that scenario?


CenterPuke88 said...

Funny how all Congressional travel is suddenly stopped because of the shutdown, some FBI and SS personnel are having to pay for their own travel expenses (while not getting paid), and mysteriously, Melania gets to fly a military jet to Florida a couple of hours later. Also, after Donnie’s Hatch Act bending conflict zone visit, to accuse D’s of traveling for political gain is a real joke.

Marc said...

Using the silver that Mrs Lincoln purchased to hold chicken nugget sauce.

To recycle an oldie: He's so classless, he could be a Marxist Utopia...