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Tuesday, January 1, 2019

PETCO: Your CEO Can Go and Eat a Bag of Dicks

I went to a local Petco to buy a bag of cat food. There was a guy at the register who was buyng a big bag of Purina-something dog food. The clerk informed the customer that, come May, Petco won't be carrying Purina dog food because the food has too many artificial ingredients to suit the CEO's sensibilities (my take on it).

Slick move, guys. You know who carries Purina? Most other pet stores and, of course Wal-Mart. There is a super-Wally-Woild about three miles from that one Petco. Target's just up the street.

News flash, Mister CEO: Not everyone can afford pricey all-natural holistic food for their critters. So your plan is to encourage your customers who buy cheaper grades of pet food to go shop elsewhere; people coming in to buy a $15 or so bag of dry dog food are not going to buy a $35 dollar bag of yuppie-grade dog food.

But hey, if you want to send some of your customers elsewhere because your sensibilities are offended, knock yerself out.


CenterPuke88 said...

Pretty stupid, especially as Purina offers a range of foods, from the basic to the more upscale (off-hand, Purina, Purina One, Purina Proplan, Friskies, Waggin’ Train, Benelux, etc). While the whole “healthy” pet food thing is not a bad idea, this is NOT the way to do it. Hell, zoos buy stuff like Purina for some of their animals, they even make th8ngs like Tiger Chow! Makes me wonder what he wants the shelf space for?

B said...

Probably more profit margin on the more expensive foods.

Having said that, I have found that I feed my 5 cats less food (volume or weight) on Science Diet and other higher end foods than on Purina.....so, while it appears to cost about twice as much, the higher end foods cost just a bit more.


Deadstick said...

Dunno if they carry it here in Denver because we deal with PetSmart. Purina has a manufacturing plant in town (it stinks up a patch of depressed real estate along I-70), so not selling their product would give up some shipping savings.

OTOH, maybe Petco really doesn't like Purina because it belongs to that paragon of corporate ethics, Nestle.

0_0 said...

And when pet owners walk through aisles displaying other items for sale, they will not walk past items for sale at Petco.

Irie said...

Yet they all still carry the crap made in China that makes our pets sick, and in some instances kills them 😡

w3ski said...

We had a dog with developing stomach troubles. The Vet even advised a 'holistic diet' so we bought some "new age" dog food.
The dog shat and barfed that stuff just like regular dog food, but cost 4 times the money.
Real chicken and boiled rice worked best, but his problem took him out in the end.
No, expensive dog food is No answer.
Now I do have a 'brother in law' that only feeds his 2 dogs a raw diet. They are doing especially well. He raises rabbits and chickens and the occasional turkey, for dog food. He also has a fermenting grain mix that they love and a full garden that they eat from too.
I'm not ready to raise my dog's food so we settle for a decent commercial product.
You have to watch your own family members. I had a daughter want anything but mac n cheese? Same shit.

BadTux said...

THere's good pet food that isn't crap. That Purina shit poisoned my cat with the Chinese-sourced carbohydrate-packed fillers that it includes and gave him diabetes. When I switched him to an all-meat diet (not anything expensive, just Fancy Feast, which I get for cheap from, gasp, WalMart) his need for insulin promptly evaporated.

My locally owned pet food stores have cat food that's pretty much as cheap as the Purina, but doesn't include Chinese-sourced poison fillers. It meant that there was only a couple of different brands of kitten food on the shelf when I went into Bogie's Pet Supply to buy kitten food... but it also means that I'm not poisoning my kitten with Chinese poison crap. Because they won't stock any pet food that has any ingredients from China in it. Yet the kitten food I bought was no more expensive than the Purina crap at Wally World.

You seem to be unaware of just how many cats have been poisoned by the Chinese-sourced crap in most commercial pet foods. It's a major issue, my local vet has had dozens of cats die from that shit. Good on Petco for getting that crap off their shelves.

CenterPuke88 said...

Just to note that “Fancy Feast” is a Purina product.

jon spencer said...

Looks like Petco's CEO has been taking lessons from Apple's Tim Cook.
Probably have the same results too.

BadTux said...

And Petco already doesn't carry "Fancy Feast" so I don't buy it there. That said, it doesn't have any Chinese-sourced junk food in it either, it has meat, meat by-products, a bit of guar gum to gel it, and the standard vitamin and mineral pack needed to meet dietary recommendations for cats.