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Saturday, January 12, 2019

"Thank You, I'll Be Flying This Route All Week. Try the Peanuts and Don't Forget to Tip Your Flight Attendant."

For many, tipping workers such as waitstaff, hairdressers or taxi drivers is expected. But one airline is asking passengers to tip their individual flight attendants, too.

When passengers on budget carrier Frontier Airlines buy in-flight food or drinks, they'll now find a space on their payment tablet to leave a tip for the flight attendant that served them. This change was effective Jan. 1. Previously, any tips were pooled.
Flight attendants are, first and foremost, there for safety. The number of FAs on a flight are dictated by Federal regulations. Even private flights need FAs if there are enough people on board.

Which means, by regulation, FAs are not there primarily to serve coffee and cater to passengers. They're not supposed to be working for tips.

So, fuck Frontier and all the greed-headed boobs who are running that airline.


CenterPuke88 said...

There have been jokes for a while about the future of ATC as a voice mail system...

“Thank you for calling Aero Center, at this time we are experiencing high call volume and all our controllers are busy right now. Please listen closely as our menu options have recently changed; if you want a clearance, press 1; if you need a reroute, press 2; to change altitudes, press 3; to change destination, press 4; to declare an emergency, press 5; to file a PIREP, press 6; to speak to a controller, press 0, please note there is a $100 service fee associated with this option.”

As for the shutdown, small bills in an envelope with your N-number on it aren’t allowed due to the Governmental employee $20 gift limit...which is why some “GoFundMe” appeals in this shutdown will get some people fired! Meanwhile, if you are flying during this shutdown, keep in mind that the FAA has a bunch of supporting people furloughed and those working have to do their jobs too, and some jobs won’t get done.

w3ski said...

Does "allowing" tips mean that those attendants are now getting a lower wage, like they do with wait staff at restaurants?
I can only imagine the cost cutting going on with that.

Morose Recluse said...

A friend of mine has been a flight attendant for United Express (the puddle jumper division). A couple years ago she received a memo from corporate telling the FA's to stop wearing their uniforms when they visit the Food Stamp office.

w3ski said...

Morose Recluse "Stop wearing their uniforms when shopping"? I long ago noticed Safeway and Raley's employees in my town, shopping at our local 'non union' store, in uniform.
Food Costs Rule.

Morose Recluse said...

No, stop wearing the uniform when applying for public benefits like section 8 or SNAP food benefits. The executives think it looks bad for the public to realize how badly paid those flight attendants are, but of course, cant be bothered to actually pay them enough