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Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Shorter Trump: "zOMG!!1! Illegal Aliens Are Coming to Kill Us in Our Bedz!!1!"
And More

As I guessed, Trump's speech was pretty much fact-free. Border crossings are at a nearly historic low.

Contrary to Trump's lies, most drugs are smuggled through (or bribed through) ports of entry, not hauled on foot over the border. Fentanyl is shipped in from China. Illegal immigrants commit fewer crimes on a per capita basis than American citizens (and most of those crimes are nonviolent offenses).

So, pretty much any way you slice it, Trump sent his time lying and blowing his racist steam-whistle.

On another note: Postal rates are going up on the 27th. Firs-class stamps are going up five cents (10%). But if you routinely send out stuff over an ounce, the additional postage is dropping from 2.1¢ to 15¢


CenterPuke88 said...

Nine Congressmen have districts that abut the Mexican border, including one Republican. All say more walls are NOT an answer. Will Hurd (R-TX 23) has specifically noted that a wall in almost all his District would be useless. CBP response times are between hours and a day, and what he and CBP themselves say is that sensors and drone capable of tracking moving persons are what is needed, and in partial, successful, use in this area. It simply needs funding, funding not provided by Donnie’s proposed budget.

B said...

Drones and other sensors stop no one.