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Tuesday, January 29, 2019

More Heads Will Roll Soon

Directly contradicting President Donald Trump, U.S. intelligence agencies told Congress on Tuesday that North Korea is unlikely to dismantle its nuclear arsenal, that the Islamic State group remains a threat and that the Iran nuclear deal is working. The chiefs made no mention of a crisis at the U.S.-Mexican border for which Trump has considered declaring a national emergency.

Their analysis stands in sharp contrast to Trump’s almost singular focus on security gaps at the border as the biggest threat facing the United States.
Once it becomes clear to Presidente Bone Spurs that they pretty much think that he is full of shit, don't be surprised if he pushes some of them out the door.

Because to Trump, loyalty to Trump trumps the truth.

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CenterPuke88 said...

Dunning, et. al., performed a series of studies in the field of self-assessment and performance. In a series of back and forth articles in the 2000’s, a general overview of the results of ignorance on self-appraisal showed a very strong negative correlation between one’s opinions of competence and one’s performance, especially when the appraiser is in the lowest quartile. If we combine this data with the inherent “yes man” fawning packing of syncophants that we find around a leader of Donnie’s quality and insecurity, we have a potentially deadly combination for the country. We face the remaining (up to) two years of this term with the children unsupervised in the White House, and can only hope that the Congress will retain a spine in the face of the impending assault on America.

While the ship of state may turn slowly, in narrow enough straits, even a small change of course can cause a grounding or worse. I am of the opinion that the lookout has been calling a decreasing depth for some time now, and the impending impact might not be very gentle.