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Monday, January 7, 2019

Trump's TV Address Tomorrow Night

All major networks on Monday confirmed that they will air President Trump's Oval Office address on the government shutdown live, after some initial uncertainty over how the organizations would handle the speech.
I don't know what to make of it. It could range from "I resign, effective noon tomorrow" to "I am declaring martial law, suspending the Constitution and dissolving the Congress."

What I am more sure of is that, as of Wednesday morning, censure and lawsuits, if not impeachment, will be under way. What I am certain of is that damn near every word that is spoken by Trump in his speech will be a lie, including the articles, the conjunctions, and the punctuation that appears in the transcripts.

But whichever happens, count on me not to watch. I don't need to be reminded that the voters of this nation elected that ignorant and amoral buffoon.


DTWND said...

Seeing as how every word (okay, nearly every word) that comes out of his mouth is a lie, disinformation, or distortion, how can anyone take what he has to say as being the truth? The Democratic response should be a slam-dunk turkey shoot.


Marc said...

I work second shift, so I'm happy to have a valid excuse to ignore it.
The only way I might want to watch it, would be if the MST3K crew were responding to it live.

Mike R said...

Marc, that would be epic.

B said...

Would you have approved if conservatives chose to hold their hands over their ears and shut their eyes when Barry did a National Address? Refused to listen?

Deadstick said...

Why yes, B, I would. It would be much more civilized than standing up and shouting "YOU LIE!"

Dark Avenger said...

B, if Trump does declare a national emergency, are you still going to bitch about Obama using executive orders?

bmq215 said...

DA, B has said that he's all for impeachment if Trump does that. I think it's unlikely that Trump will, but if he does it will be an interesting test of B's integrity. I expect that he'll post on his blog calling for impeachment. Or not. Maybe we'll see...

Comrade Misfit said...

B, when Caudillo Bone Spurs gives his speech, I will be at home. There is no law that says that I have to watch, let alone give him any respect whatsoever. Equating a televised address with the congressman attending a State of the Union speech is disingenuous.

Everyone else: Try not to get personal in your comments.

Irie said...

I won’t be watching. his supporters will, and they will continue to believe every word. smdh

The New York Crank said...

I could be very wrong, but I suspect his speech will
A) Be read from a teleprompter, mechanically and unconvincingly, the way he usually reads stuff aloud
B) Will bring up all the Trump memes of approaching hordes in "caravans" including "terrorists" (in other words, terrified people fleeing unspeakable horrors) and "drug smugglers."
C) Will make whatever it is entirely the faults of Democrats

But, uh, we'll see.

Yours crankily,
The New York Crank

Grey One talks sass said...

It's been said to me (more than once) Past performance predicts future behavior.

As the occupier of the White House has spread only lies, disinformation, racism, sexism, ableism, and a whole slew of other 'isms' why on earth would I want to listen to more? There are people who are paid to listen to such vile spewage and for their service I say Thank You.

Anything else I have to say is personal and as this is not my house I'll keep such bon mots to myself.

Slybrarian said...

Previously, the conservative owners and newscasters of all these TV companies did shut their eyes and hold their hands over their ears when Obama did an address on this subject. They said it was "too political" to carry. For some reason they don't think it's too political when Trump does it, and it wasn't too political when Bush did.

Eck! said...

to borrow Grey Ones....

Past performance predicts prolific prophetic phonyisms.

Another of the Pissant Potus 'isms list no doubt will be heard.

The only thing to debate or fact check is: did our PP speak!

Woof woof, heard a dog whistle!


B said...

MST3K would indeed be fun to watch, no matter which president it was.

Oddly, it was shown that he *had* lied. But y'all seem to forget that. Having said that, it was done in very poor taste. wrong place/time to call him out. Not that one side has a lock on unclassy behavior, but that doesn't make it right.

Comrade: Not what I asked. Would you have approved of Conservatives not bothering to listen to or watch Barry's speeches?

DA: I would not support any use of Executive Orders for this. At all. In fact, I would oppose it.

Grey One talks sass said...

B said: Comrade: Not what I asked. Would you have approved of Conservatives not bothering to listen to or watch Barry's speeches?

I did a two second Google check and found multiple sources mentioning the 2014 speech by then President Obama and the networks choosing not to cover it because it was "too political". Apparently B wasn't around for the eight years that Barack H Obama served in the office of President.

The Occupier in the White House isn't political but President Obama doing his best to address an issue (immigration and the Dreamers) that the Right constantly says Democrats ignore is......

Anything more out of this old ladies mouth and I'll be banned for life. As I like this site I'm going to shut up but not before predicting a goal post move in 3..2..1....

dinthebeast said...

From Taegan Goddard:

“President Trump sought to go over the heads of Congress to enlist public support for his long-promised border wall on Tuesday night, raising the stakes of an ideological and political conflict that has left the doors of many federal agencies shuttered for 18 days,” the New York Times reports.

“Yet privately, Mr. Trump dismissed his own new strategy as pointless. In an off-the-record lunch with television anchors hours before the address, he made clear in blunt terms that he was not inclined to give the speech or go to Texas, but was talked into it by advisers.”

Said Trump: “It’s not going to change a damn thing, but I’m still doing it.”

-Doug in Oakland

Dark Avenger said...

B, that’s not what I asked. Apparently, the answer for you is no, you won’t stop bitching about Obama, no matter what Trump does in real life. Please don’t spit on my shoes and tell me it’s raining.

Comrade Misfit said...

Yep, pretty much a fact-free speech. Standard Trump.

Deadstick said...

At least he effectively acknowledged the "emergency powers" threat was naught but bluster.

Brian Train said...

New York Crank gets three for three!!