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Friday, January 25, 2019

Being an Armed Robber Is a Hazardous Occupation

At the end of November, two critters put on their masked and attempted to rob a used-car dealer in Prospect, CT. One of the customers took exception to being robbed, shooting one robber dead.

The other critter fled. He was recently arrested on a bunch of charges.

The living criminal is 56. The dead one was 44. 56 is pretty old for living the Critter Life. Chances are he'll be in his eighties when he gets out. Assuming that he's found guilty or pleads out.


Mike R said...

That is pretty late, after graduating with my shiny new BS degree I worked in a prison. Most, at least the armed robbers and violent types mellowed by mid to late 40's. Of course there were exceptions. Off topic, it became apparent that the honor among thieves thing was a fairy tale.

w3ski said...

Tried to rob an auto dealer. I understand thieves aren't smart to begin with, but an Auto Dealer? Did they think people buy cars with cash? What could they have maybe gotten away with? The petty cash drawer, maybe $200? Steal a getaway car?
Real idiots there.