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Sunday, June 3, 2018

Your Sunday Morning Jet Noise


B-52s will still be flying when a goodly percentage of the people reading this post today are drinking mead in Valhalla.


B said...

Has there been any movement on the re-engine program?

CenterPuke88 said...

Last word was $1.56 Billion requested in the 2019 budget to start the program. Specs last updated to keeping 8 engines, no major changes to structure, and a 40% fuel burn improvement. Total cost about $8B.

DTWND said...

Got to play in a B-52 simulator at Wurtsmith one night (many, many years ago) while my brother was trouble shooting the sim. There's an awful lot of levers, switches, gauges, etc. Screens went red a few times shooting approaches, aerial refueling, even taxiing. Still was a blast.


Brad_in_IL said...

Smokey exhaust caused by water injection?

Deadstick said...

Brad, even the H models, which don't have water injection, are pretty smoky.

CenterPuke88 said...

Pretty sure that’s an H model. The LA is Barksdale, LA, but the green stripe doesn’t match their current wing list. Video was posted a year ago, so it probably isn’t old enough to possibly be a G model, they were all destroyed in the mid-90’s.

Old NFO said...

That 'might' be a G model. Barksdale had the last ones, I think... And it does look like water injection takeoff.

BadTux said...

It's an H. I zoomed in on the engines and they have the characteristic bypass shroud of a TF33, as vs the straight engines of the J57 used on earlier marks of the B-52. For example, look at this B52-D gate guard at Carswell AFB and compare the engine shrouds.

I also found some recent footage of B-52 takeoffs at air shows that showed the black smoke. I have no idea why the TF33 would be smoking like that, it's not supposed to have water injection, all I can guess is that they have something akin to the old GM 2 stroke bus engines for their engine controls. Those old GM 2 strokes operated by a single pedal that told the mechanical fuel injection to inject more or less fuel into the engine at the top of the stroke. When you started pushing down on the pedal, it injected more fuel. The result was a burst of black smoke until the engine spun up to match the air to the fuel mixture. And now you know why those old GM diesel buses spewed so much black smoke.... and, apparently, B-52H's.