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Thursday, June 28, 2018

Dead-Tree Death Spiral

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette is dropping two days of print editions.

A few years ago, the P-G abandoned its self-owned printing plant for a new one in a rented building without rail access. The plant was many miles out of town and the building required very expensive refurbishing in order to take the weight and vibration of the presses. Over a decade ago, the P-G was clearly on the sort of downward trajectory that I wrote about back then.

Here is an oddity, though: The Tribune-Review was owned by a right-winger, Richard Scaife. The Post-Gazette has fallen under the control of a right-wing editor and publisher. Both papers lost readers and retreated from their print operations.

Maybe conservatives don't read. We know that Trump doesn't.


doubledee said...

Comrade: Could you please post more pictures with your posts so that I can understand the point you're making?

dinthebeast said...

I saw a copy of the San Francisco Chronicle, a paper I read for years, at the market the other day, and it was tiny. Like smaller than the weeklies.
Maybe they're giving up on print? If so, they should really try to make a less-shitty website.

-Doug in Oakland

Iron City said...

In the olden days of the 20th century Pittsburgh had 2 "major" papers, the Post Gazette was the morning paper and the Press was the evening paper. Never read the Post Gazette much, though I did deliver it for friends with paper routes when they were out of town, but the Press was owned by Scripps Howard. That chain was only slightly to the left of Franco & Hitler. The 2 papers consolidated printing and distribution awhile ago then the Press quit publishing and it was just the PG. Nobody took the Tribune seriously, I understand, as it was just a Nazi vanity project. Looks like the Post Gazette is getting ready to go away too.