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Friday, June 22, 2018

Manafort News

Paul Manafort’s request to suppress evidence taken by the FBI from a storage locker in Virginia was rejected by a federal judge in Washington.
Reading between the lines, Manafort tried to be a little too cute for words. It would seem that he had one of his employees personally rent a storage locker in which to store some of Manafort's records. I'm guessing that he assumed that the FBI wouldn't find out that his employee(s) rented storage lockers for Manafort.

But either somebody tipped off the FBI or the Feds figured that out. So they went to the employee(s) and asked to look around inside. Since the employees had personally rented the storage locker(s), they could consent. Which they did, because those guys aren't going to catch a bullet for Manafort.

So it would seem that Joe Schmo let the Feds in. They ask "whose stuff is this?" Joe says "it's my boss's shit."

And off go the agents to get a search warrant.

Dollars to donuts that Rudy the Rat has gotten word to Manafort to sit tight, that he'll be out by Nov 7th.

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