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Friday, June 8, 2018

Let's Have a "Credibility-Off", Rudy!

Rudy Giuliani took aim at Stormy Daniels today, saying that her career as an adult-film star and director undermines her "credibility" in her lawsuit against the president over their alleged affair.

On one side of the scale: A porn star and adult film director. On the other side of the scale: A politician, lawyer, lobbyist, a man who has turned the 9-11 attacks into his own cash cow, who sought to postpone an election so he could stay in office longer and who has spent the last two years sucking up in every way imaginable to Donald Trump (a man who wouldn't know the truth if Lady Justice came down from her pedestal and stabbed him in the ass with her sword).

So who do you think is more credible: The porn star or the political whore?


bmq215 said...

After all, Stormy Daniels' career is pretty much based on not hiding anything...

CenterPuke88 said...

Let’s see...which one:

1) Married a second cousin he’d known since they were kids, and later used that fact to annul the marriage, claiming he didn’t know.

2) Found a replacement before filing for that divorce and annulment, then married the replacement within 4 months of the annulment.

3) Cheated on the second wife, using the Governor’s staff and accommodations to help him out.

4) Shacked up with a fourth woman while still married to the second wife...lasts over 4 years before the divorce.

5) Moves out of Gracie Mansion, while using NYPD to hide his actions and chauffeur his lover around, and in with his gay friend and life partner.

6) Gets his second divorce and is remarried within less than a year.

7) Gets served with divorce papers by wife number 3.

Sounds like a real standup guy. Anyone else find it amusing Mel has her own lawyer...

B said...

Credibility is lacking on both sides. I wouldn't trust either of them to tell me it's really raining unless I saw it myself.

dinthebeast said...

Don't forget the whole "announces he's getting divorced at a press conference" thingie... Yes, that's how his wife found out.

So, let me get this straight: He doesn't respect her because SHE is a whore?
Aside from the hypocrisy, she is a producer in an industry where there aren't many women doing that job, and she seems to be above board, something Rudy and his pals seem to have some, uh, challenges with.

-Doug in Oakland