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Saturday, June 30, 2018


It is "kitten season" again. The shelters are overflowing.

Go adopt an adult cat and make room for the babies.

Or put your name in for one of the babies, once they've been weaned, spayed/neutered and have their shots.


CenterPuke88 said...

Or, as we are, you get to bottle feed a kitten every four to six hours. Wife’s sister scared away a feral momma, so she’s bottle raising the four kittens. Since my wife has done this before, we’ve taken one to lighten the load. Best guess is five weeks, and we took the runt...but she’s still close to expected weight low end, so should be fine.

She annoys our 11 y-o, 15 lb male, he starts growling when she plays with his tail and finally leaves, big softie. The other two are split, the 15 y-o is warming up, the spoilt 4 y-o is annoyed she isn’t the baby anymore, but it’s working out.

Anonymous said...

Are you saying there are people who have to actively seek out a cat? Based on my experience, stray cats and feral cats magically appear on porches, in garages, and under tool sheds. I don't like cats and I don't want cats but I have four of the damned things.

Dark Avenger said...

Here the cats form families. Our latest, Purrcy Perceval Purrrince of Purrrsia, was an indoor cat from his behsvior, so there are cats that are abandoned and need new homes.