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Sunday, June 24, 2018

Thieving Pruitt

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator Scott Pruitt spent nearly $3,000 on "tactical pants" and "tactical polos," according to new disclosures cited Wednesday by The Intercept.

Records obtained by the outlet through the Freedom of Information Act show that Pruitt spent $2,749.62 on the clothing items as part of his security expenditures.
I wonder how many of those Pruitt managed to glom for himself.

I don't know of any cop shop around here which hands out free work clothing to their officers.

It sure seems that since Pruitt took over the RPA, he has turned it into a massive swamp of sleaze and self-interest. But Pruitt still survives.

Maybe he's the American custodian of the Pee-Pee Tape. Or he's one of Trump's fellow grifters. I'd expect that he'll be one of the many recipients of an outgoing Trump pardon.


CenterPuke88 said...

Maybe he keeps some heat off Donnie...

B said...

Did anyone look at previous administrators with an eye to find a $3k clothing allowance, or similar stupid purchase?

I don't think it was right, mind you, but the excesses from every administration of stupid and poorly thought out things like this happen. They shouldn't, but they do. IIRC, didn't the EPA and the IRS do HUGE parties during the Obama years? Tens of thousands of dollars (with kickbacks)? Where was the outrage then?
I agree, we should watch 'em like hawks and make this sort of shit stop, and we gotta start somewhere, but why now, only when there is a Republican (of sorts) in the White House? Why did the others get a pass?

Your folks will be in power soon enough, are you gonna use the same magnifying glass on them?

DTWND said...

Oh, now B. Don't get our hopes up. Do we have to wait till November or will something happen before then?


B said...

Dude, I was serious. At some point, the pendulum swings. Will you be as critical of the appointees spending when it is done by your side?

History says not.

bmq215 said...

You have a fair point, B. You also have a blog. Will you put your money where your mouth is and start calling out "this sort of shit"? Starting now? Then you'll have room to talk if Misfit doesn't do the same once the pendulum swings back.

IIRC there were many voices on the right decrying Obama's golfing (Trump among them). Where are those voices now?

But you'll probably tell yourself "someone else can do it" or "I'll do it when they do it" and nothing will ever appear on your blog. Either way, we'll know what kind of man you are. I'll be watching.

dinthebeast said...

Perhaps Jackson and McCarthy didn't make such a splash because they weren't trying to bring the air and water back to 1970's levels of contamination.

-Doug in Oakland

CenterPuke88 said...

Funnily enough, a number of Blogs have been calling the media out for complaining about the fountain pen purchase, noting that the previous Administration did the same, from the same place. International dignitaries are often given small presents as momentos, with a very strict spending limit. These particular type of pens are a popular gift in Federal circles for their appearance, customization and the fact they fit neatly into the Law.

B said...

See, that's the difference. I was aware of the incredible monies wasted by the Obama folks. I didn't whine about 'em. I am consistent. Compared to the DNC folks of 4 and 8 years ago, this is peanuts.

Unlike others, who have double standards

bmq215 said...

Yeah, B. You didn't whine about them...


So much for your consistency. Now we know what your word is worth.

You're a liar, plain and simple.

DTWND said...

LMAO. And if you're not racist, as you claim B, what does that "HNIC" stand for in the above cited blog?

Just wondering.


CenterPuke88 said...

Hummmmmm, a history of posts can be a problematic thing, eh? Must be why Donnie likes to tear shit up.

B said...

And I wasn't complaining about the spending of the administrators, was I?
I was complaining about the cost of Barry and Michelle's vacation..... t wasn't even disguised as a trip of State. Not the same thing as the Pruitt thing. When Parks were being closed because there was no money...(or just to inconvenience people?)...when military families were not being paid Government workers were not being paid.....etc. When the budget was forcing cuts everywhere...Yet somehow, the President could find a HUNDRED MILLION to go on vacation. ....

The HNIC was in bad taste, I admit, but I figured that since Al Sharpton could use that term, I could do so as well. I've tried to be more respectful since.

You must really hate me BMQ....willing to go through 5 years of posts to make me look bad? figure an average of 1.2 per day....nearly 2200 posts.... I must really make you feel uncomfortable and inadequate when I point out your idiocy, huh?? I mean, you must have spent hours going though my postings.

bmq215 said...

Splitting hairs much, B? And you're right, racial slurs are always in poor taste.

Demonstrably a liar AND a racist then.

You're obviously not familiar with this new thing called a "search algorithm". Takes ten seconds to type in "Obama vacation" and arrive at the expected result. So... not the level of attention you were hoping for. I'd tell you to "Google it" but... :P