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Thursday, July 6, 2017

Words of Aviation Wisdom

"You can always go around!"


CenterPuke88 said...

Catchie little number, but throwing a Tenerife simulation picture in at the end was a wee bit tasteless, in my mind.

As for going around, reminds me of my Private Pilot Flight Test. Breezed through the ground portion, did just fine on the flight and then had to just land back at home field. Got on final too high with a little speed cushion, took a deep breath and told the Examiner I was going around. He smiled and said "But there is one other thing you could do...what is it?" I said, "Side-slip?", and he nodded.

So I side-slipped it on final to lose the altitude and made a perfectly acceptable touchdown. Taught me there's always a different perspective for everything, and he told me later if I hadn't told him I was too high and going around, he might have failed me for judgement. In hindsight, I wasn't massively high, but it would certainly have been a iffy decision to land from where I was at that point without the slip. It seems to have served me well, as I've used that song's mantra a few times.

Tod Germanica said...

Big plane drivers seem trained in the stabilized approach while us Cessna people seem better able to adjust on final with s-turns and slips, probably because of our shorter landing ability. I about hit a blue taxi light landing a bit short on my 1st solo in a C-150 at KLHM, Lincoln, CA. Most def should have gone around and the next two were not much better. Should have stabilized on final or gone around on all. Broke with "1st solo landing is the best of your flying career" meme. My instructor broke cringing record.
OTOH slips are quite fun and safe if you keep the nose down, cross controlling like mad, a thing students are constantly warned against but in this case needed. An acquired taste maybe, like spins.