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Sunday, July 16, 2017


I've been trying to stay away from the news this weekend, with mostly success. I watched Sunday Morning and skipped over the "and now these headlines" part.

The Sunday paper was mostly local and state-wide stuff, so I guess that Team Treason Trump has taken a short hiatus from stupid shit.

Saturday is now about the only time to go shooting. It's hot as fuck here, not like it is in Phoeniz aka "Hell's Anteroom", but it's still hot. The local indoor range is almost insufferable in the afternoon, so if I want to shoot, Saturday morning is about it.

But here's the thing:

Say that you're a full-grown adult and your daddy is running for President. You're helping him on the campaign.

Now you receive an email message from some gonif who says that he can hook you up with a source in the Russian government who claims to have damaging information on you daddy's opponent. You:
  1. Immediately look up the phone number for the FBI and call them;
  2. Immediately call the campaign lawyer and ask for advice;
  3. Delete the email as obvious spam;
  4. Respond, tell the guy that you're happy to meet with him, and invite your daddy's campaign manager and your brother-in-law to the meeting with the purported Russian spy.
In what rational world do you choose #4? If somebody had written a novel about a future campaign, that the eventual First Son would choose #4 would get the author laughed at.

The leaks about this stuff are happening, in part, because people in the Trump White House aren't participating in covering it up. They're more interested in not going to prison. Only an utter fool would place himself (or herself) in legal jeopardy from Donald Trump.

Because, as history shows, when it comes to loyalty, Trump lives on a one-way street.


dinthebeast said...

It's a little ironic that after president four-year-old's claim that his lie about a tape of their conversations caused Comey not to lie under oath, his own staff, such as it is, are now freaking out about the possible consequences of his and their own lies.
And under a normally corrupt Republican, they could at least expect a pardon for whatever convictions come down, but does anyone trust this president for anything that crucial to their life and career?
He has a long history of making suckers out of such people.

And what's with the infinitely reprogrammable bozos supporting him? How many times this week has the story changed? Yet there they are, on the teevee machine, expecting the latest revision to be accepted as something other than the lies all of the other stories have been proven to be. And those bozos just eat it up.

I guess his gamble is that after the voter suppression gets going, there will still be enough of those credulous to his show to get him re-elected, so he has to keep performing for their attention. Which may or may not work, but also may not matter if he doesn't figure out that he's not up against things he can buy his way out of any more and the crew Mueller is hiring won't be intimidated by the likes of Kasowitz or Cohen.

-Doug in Oakland

Marc said...

Dolt45 has a history of fckng those around him.
Family may be the exception, but we'll have to see.

w3ski said...

Shooting in the Hot Sun was a big question for me. I once had use of an 'open range' where there was some shade to shoot from but the temps were 110 and higher. With all of 7% humidity thank Browning.
All my rounds were hand loads and some were high end pressure wise. I noticed a possible bigger recoil on an occasion or two and began to wonder about the effect on pressure levels.
Never blew one up yet but I have split my share of cases and mashed some primers like liquid.