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Monday, July 3, 2017

Shorter Chris Christie: "I'm Better Than You and Don't You Fucking Forget It!"

Secaucus Fats gets an entire state part to himself (and his family) because he's closed all the state parks.
Gov. Chris Christie joined his family at a state-owned retreat in Island Beach State Park on Saturday night, less than 24 hours after ordering the closure of all state parks and beaches because of the budget impasse in Trenton.

The governor addressed members of the Legislature about the stalemate on Saturday and then left the capital for the park, a spokesman confirmed Sunday morning. The governor later said he took a State Police helicopter to the park and back to Trenton again on Sunday, and said he plans to do the same Sunday evening.
And sez he, fuck you to the press. When you get right down to it, Christie's dickish move was downright Trumpian.

Anyway, if they only opened the park to people who support Christie, it probably would have been just as empty.


Tod Germanica said...

He had a true let-them-eat-cake comment too, “The governor has a residence at Island Beach. Others don’t,” Christie said. “Run for governor and you can have the residence.”
Is this still a democracy (if it ever was) or are the GOP Christies our overlords and we are peons.

B said...

Pretty dickish move. But the people of New Jersey seem to eat it up.

deadstick said...

Now there's an image.

Ed Baptist said...

Fatter any way you look at it.

Tod Germanica said...

Now ed, dead, he's bad enough, no need to commit 'appearanceism', not all villains irl look like Lex Luthor, Richard III, or Donald trump. Some are worse than Christie yet look devine, like Mike Pence.