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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Total Eclipse Next Month

This tool allows you to determine the particulars for anywhere.

If you need to travel to get to totality and if you need to stay overnight, good luck with that. Even campgrounds in more populated areas are booked up.


Ten Bears said...

Will roast the fatted calf in my front yard. Kids, grandkids, great g'pa even. Second time in just under forty years, same spot.

John said...

Every.campground within 25 miles of the line of totality has been booked since April 1, including all the less desirable places. Ditto RVs, motels in most areas etc. Salem OR is expecting to double the population and Madras will jump from around 2000 to around 20,000.

We've got family coming up. Should be epic, unless the normal OR late fall gloom doesn't dissipate.