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Tuesday, July 4, 2017

"Gays for Trump" Rally

The organization Gays for Trump organized a Make America Great Again Free Speech Rally. It took place on the National Mall near the White House on Saturday, July 1.
One speaker and fourteen attendees.

Pretty fucking sad, that.

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Tod Germanica said...

He only courts his base, doesn't know how politics works, can't compromise, can't apologize, lacks political or personal loyalty. He throws all friends and allies under buses eventually. Pathological liar.
He's a con man, grifter, thief from charities, nepotistic, paranoid and, apparently, deranged, judging by his compulsive masturbatory tweet spasms.
Let's never forget either, my fellow Americans, this guy is a fucking traitor to the USA, selling us out to our nation's most powerful international adversarie with H-bombs aplenty for Russian money and tech support, the best in the world (and to keep the hooker-pee-pee 'tapes' unseen). And never, never forget the GOP is just fine with his filthy degradation of his office so long as they can kill the poor and old for the 1%'s obscene tax cuts.
Happy Independence Day.