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Saturday, July 22, 2017

Caturday, Memorial Edition

Ozzarella, 1999-2017:

Ozzarella was the favorite cat of a friend's daughter. Ozzie was her cat from kittenhood through old age.

She was a big cat, but, like Jake, began losing a lot of weight and wasting away. The vet thought it was cancer, probably lymphoma. And, like Jake, she loved to be around people.

The other cats in the household knew that Ozzie was sick. In the last week, a couple of the others had begun lying next to Ozzie, as though they could transfer some energy.


deadstick said...

A hug from Fellini.

Anonymous said...

She looks a lot our beloved torty Oasis. You can't help shedding tears. I'm glad to see she was loved and had a wonderful home.

wolfbitch said...

What a beautiful tortie and what a beautiful story with such a sad ending. She had many friends and family helping her through this. May we all pass the same way.