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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

"Otherwise Successful Trip?"

Trump, the Republican source said, is annoyed that the narrative surrounding the meeting has become a distraction from what he and his advisers saw as a successful overseas trip last week to Poland and Germany.
What "success" was that?

Trump accomplished nothing with regard to North Korea, trade, or persuading anyone else to adopt his position on the Paris Accord.

At other summits, when there is some spare time, any other American president was usually seen talking to one or more leaders from other countries, who are eager to be seen chatting with him. But at Hamburg, it was by no means unusual to see that Trump was wandering around, alone.

In Poland, he gave a speech that was probably written by Shadow President Bannon. Trump's speeches are meaningless. He has no discipline for following up and, at the current time, there is no benefit to the politicians in any other Western democracy to be seen as standing by Trump.

But anyway, I hope he enjoys his trip to Paris for Bastille Day. Maybe he'll be able to buy a nice place for his exile/retirement when he goes over for Unity Day.

1 comment:

dinthebeast said...

Depends on whose to-do list you're going by. He seems to have checked off a few on Putin's, and maybe Bannon's, but I didn't see any of mine that he got to.

-Doug in Oakland