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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

The Party of Treason and How It Came to Be That Way

One might wonder why the GOP seems to be finding itself in bed with Vladmir Putin, a long-time Russian/Soviet spy who has dedicated his life to the destruction of American influence in the world.

This article, by a conservative writer, seeks to explain why.


Jones, Jon Jones said...

Nice find!

B said...


No bias in that article.....

I like how they fail to discuss the sale of the US by Hillary. Of course, she sold to anyone with money. And the DNC backed her knowing that.

I also like the fact that he bemoans the"loss of principles" by the GOP....yet fails to admit that the DNC lost theirs long ago. But then again, different standards for the DNC, amirite?

CenterPuke88 said...


1) Bias presumed without even reading

2) Suggestion of "sale of US by Hillary" without supporting evidence.

3) Suggestion of "loss of (DNC) principles" without supporting evidence.

4) Summation suggesting that his suggestions consititute proof of assumed bias.

Nice circular logic, dude...must be why it echos in there.

B said...

1. Nope, I read it, then commented.

2 "Uranium One", just for starters.

3. read for comprehension. See #2.

4. your statement applies to you, not to me.

The echo you hear is your world, not mine.

LRod said...

Uranium One:

Of course the first thing I'm going to hear is "Snopes isn't legitimate!", which is another way of claiming "fake news!". Well, Skippy, there are tons of facts in that link, while there have been none cited here. Just hearsay and RWNJ talking points. Thanks for playing.

ZJX, ORD, ZAU retired

dinthebeast said...

B: Thank you for providing such a clear example of what the author was saying about the right.

I read another long piece in the New Republic about how president four-year-old has been tangled up in Russian money for a long time, and it went a similar length toward answering the question of how the Republican party could have done such a 180 degree reversal on everything it thought about Russia.


Also, Richard Engel did a segment of his program two weeks ago that was about the influence Russia all of the sudden has on Southern Republicans, like Kirchick said in the linked article.


It's a little scary, how they talk about Putin as if he was in favor of gun rights and Jesus. I guess not any scarier than when they say the same things about the president. Maybe I just find the effects of propaganda especially distasteful, but those things do alarm me.

-Doug in Oakland

B said...

D: Didn't watch the video, but the article you posted didn't say anything about the republicans. 'Twas all about Trump and the folks who bought his properties to (supposedly) "allegedly" launder money.

Again, all innuendo, little substance. Did you actually read the article? There was nothing about republicans in it.

dinthebeast said...

Yes I did in fact read the article. I can't help you with what you got out of it. Perhaps my feeble communications skills just aren't up to successfully communicating my ideas to the likes of someone like yourself.

-Doug in Oakland