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Friday, June 26, 2015

Why We Can't Have Nice Things; Drone Edition

As a hot wind shifted north and drove the flames toward Onyx Peak east of Big Bear Lake, fire crews deployed to save homes scattered among brittle-dry pines — waiting for help from a DC-10 laden with 10,800 gallons of retardant.

It never came. Shortly before 6 p.m. on Wednesday, an incident commander on the ground spotted a hobby drone buzzing near the drop site at 11,000 feet. The air tanker had to turn back, as did two smaller planes following it.
Shit like this will probably end with the sale of drones being controlled by the government. There's also a chance that anyone who flies a drone will be required to have a pilot's certificate.

Some assclowns don't comprehend that with the freedom to do something comes some degree of responsibility. Freedom is never absolute, unless you happen to live by yourself on a remote island. What a person does has an effect on others, which is life in civil society.

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Will said...

I know a guy who flies a drone for a surveying business for building construction. He's a commercial pilot, and says that the FAA requires that rating to be a commercial drone controller. He says that the drone capabilities are putting surveyor crews out of work. What takes a crew a week, he can do in a day, and it also can track jobsite changes on a near constant basis.