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Sunday, June 7, 2015

It's Only There by Popular Demand; Jenner Edition

The documentary series chronicling Caitlyn Jenner’s transition from male to female will premiere at the end of July, E! announced on Wednesday.
Oh, gee. A reality show.

I suspect that whatever steps Jenner has to go through, that the fact that money isn't an obstacle makes a world of difference between her and 99% of the rest of transsexuals. She's not going to have to worry about starting a new career because transitioning destroyed the old one.*

There were transsexual women who lost their careers and went into the process knowing the risk. Many fought the law over that and lost. Jenner's probably not going to run the risk of some clown killing her and then offering a version of the "gay panic" defense.

Like most such televised fare, it will have little relationship to the process and the hardship that most other transgendered people endure.

I wish Caitlyn Jenner well, but I'm not going to watch her damn show.

(N.B.:  Keep your "Caitlyn is a man" comments to either yourself or on your own blog.  Not here.  Capisce?
Not true in the USAF or the RAAF.

1 comment:

Mike R said...

I have followed this story with some interest. In the mid 70's while working as a vocational rehabilitation counselor one of my cases involved a young man who was undergoing testing, and there was a lot of psychiatric evaluation, and eventual transsexual surgery. Strangely the evaluation was done through a Catholic University hospital. After much reading and consulting with the medical team it seemed like the right thing to do. To your point that Caitlin has a much easier path that is a real understatement. My former client sent me a few letters, and she seemed much happier and content with the person she had become. It wasn't an easy road for her and sometimes I wasn't as confident as she was, anyway it appears all of it transpired for the best, may Jenner's transformation go well. Yeah and I won't watch either it is far removed from anything that most will experience.