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Monday, June 22, 2015

Shorter FBI Director: "Terrorism is an Act Perpetrated by Muslims (and Commies)."

FBI Director James Comey is quibbling about the definition of terrorism. His point boils down to an assertion that white folks aren't terrorists. Which is just bullshit.

This is the Feebies' own definition:
The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) defines terrorism as “the unlawful use of force or violence against persons or property to intimidate or coerce a government, the civilian population, or any segment thereof, in furtherance of political or social objectives.”
That is exactly what the Asswipe of Charleston did: A white separatist killed nine black people to further the social objectives of those who believe in white supremacy and segregation of the races.

Terrorism is a tactic used to scare people into moving the way that the terrorists want people to move. The Night Riders of the Klan were terrorists. Those who murdered both the black people who waned to vote and the civil rights workers who came to support them were terrorists. The crowds which lynched people were terrorists. The men who blew up black churches were terrorists. All of those asswipes were not killing people just to kill people (like the Asswipes of Newtown and Aurora), they were killing people in order to terrorize the rest of the targeted population to stay in their places.

In recent times, there have been white asswipes who have gunned down men and women who were perceived to be minorities. The Asswipe of Oak Creek was one of them, as were a lot of other such assclowns. Each of the killers' goals varied slightly, but they were all of the same stripe as the Charleston Asswipe: To terrorize people in minority groups.

What the Asswipe of Charleston did was terrorism. The FBI, by quibbling over this point, is showing its age-old stripes.

For shame, Director Comey. For shame.


Anonymous said...

Even the NY Times is beginning to see this light...

And, as I remarked to a sabra friend involved in what might be thought of as Palestinian rights, there is similarly "no such thing" as Israeli or Israeli settler terrorism, such as when they just burned down a 1700 year old Christian church built where Jesus was supposed to have passed the miracle of the loaves and fishes. This sort of thing has happened some 17 times recently and somehow the IDF can't find any of the perpetrators. Of course, had a synagogue been similarly damaged, all Hell would have been out for lunch...... Netanyhu says it will be investigated. I've got a bridge to sell you.

w3ski said...

Terrorism, Yes! Now we have a 'reason' to keep Gitmo open. Let us take this asswipe down there and see if he has any information of use. Play Patriotic songs at full volume for him, all night long, let the dogs have their way with him.
I hated the idea of us doing that to the 'enemy' but I just feel elated about using 'enhanced interrogation' on him.
Seriously though, It seems that until we see 'racism' as the same as 'terrorism', we are not going to deal with it as we Need to. Which is Severely.
If isis and 'johnny reb' were seen the same, then we might have a chance here at least.
A 'wink and a nod', another round of "dixie", it can't be allowed to go on quietly anymore.
Let us all stop dancing around the idea that the confederates were anything other than a terrorist uprising that was put down some 150 years ago.
Or why can't 'they' be encouraged to leave our country? They are Not a majority, who allowed them to 'lead'?
Sick of the condfudderacy.

S O said...

The Confederacy was a secessionist cause, it wasn't terrorism albeit plenty terror was dealt out.

Looking closely at what aforementioned asswipe wanted to do - ignite civil (race) war - one could indeed think of him both as terrorist and as (wannabe) civil war insurgent.
He's in the grey area where both can be applied, depending on one's stance. He didn't want to coerce or intimidate, but to sound the start signal for war.
He is no simple homicidal criminal, though. Anybody who pretends that would -judging by what is known tot he public today- be wrong in a suspicious way.
I think there's something fundamentally wrong law theory-wise if an agency tasked to execute terrorism-related law claims to be able to define terrorism itself.
This ought to be defined by the respective legislative branch (federal in this case), preferably by ratifying some IL definition or confirming an UN definition of terrorism.

Imagine you sending an employee to buy two pounds of chocolate for 50 bucks and he returns with one pound of milk, claiming that in the meantime, he defined this to be two pounds of chocolate.
This is not how it's supposed to work.

Comrade Misfit said...

The actions of the bitter sore-losers after the Confederacy was defeated were, without a doubt, acts of terrorism.