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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Just a Few of the Feebie's Alleged Airplanes

Mostly Cessna 182Ts, but some 206s.

NG Research: N290RM, N527KM, N539MY, N901RM, N921LS.

FVX Research: N319KS, N687RT, N806TH, N964JR, N984JS.

NBR Aviation: N311SB, N514NY, N986PQ.

KQM Aviation: N223EM, N302MP, N411CP, N562CN, N612BK, N913JH.

That's only four of the FBI's front companies. They have over a dozen such entities that the press has uncovered. They have over fifty such airplanes that the press has identified. They may have more.

No doubt that the FBI is busily setting up new front companies and changing the N numbers of their airplanes as you read this.


mikey said...

Meanwhile, on the ground, the DoJ has determined that they can use the obstruction provisions in Sarbanes Oxley to prosecute you for clearing you browsing history.

This is not the America you thought you lived in....

Anonymous said...

I went to the AP article. Judging by the photo that is probably an L3 Wescam MX10 turret


which has visual and infrared sensors (you can charge more money when you call it a sensor instead of a camera) as standard. Depending on the operator console onboard the hard drive will still have space left when the fuel tanks are empty.

As to the antennas on the belly, well you need two TCAS/ACAS antennas and two VHF comms and at least one ADF for controlled airspace. Add in a glideslope antenna and a DME antenna and you've got seven which accounts for all the antennas in the picture of N539MY. If you want to communicate to other agents in cars you'll want an antenna for that radio too. While not an avionics expert, I see no antennas that scream sooper-secret spy gear.