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Monday, June 15, 2015

Myths & Legends

If you pick up the July issue of Shooting Illustrated (and you should, because Tam has a cover story/review in it), look at the photo of accompanying the article on the last page. Now that's some top-shelf Snark.

Tam's writeup of the Walther CCP is intriguing. I'm in the market for a singe-stack 9mm and this one might fit the bill. I had been looking for a Smith 3913, but they're pretty rare and when I find one online, it's priced similarly to new guns (especially when you add in the various transfer feed {thank you very much, ATF}).


Ole Phat Stu said...

What's with the rumours we are hearing in Yurp, that Colt is going bankrupt?

Can you blog about that please?

Deadstick said...

Stu, Colt has filed for Chapter 11 protection. Don't know about Euro law, but over here it's a last-ditch measure to rescue a company from bankruptcy, offering temporary protection from creditors while the company reorganizes.

It also allows a company to void many of its contracts, especially those with unions...so it gets abused a lot.