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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

The Rebel Flag That Isn't Being Flown

The Flag of the Whiskey Rebellion:

That rebellion was all about taxation. But since the rebels weren't defending their right to own other people, it's largely been forgotten.


Sam240 said...

One must realize that, for many Southern Baptists, booze, unlike racism, is considered an evil. Therefore, the Whiskey Rebellion flag represents something bad. The Curse of Ham, on the other hand . . .

S O said...

They cannot use that flag, or people will be reminded the right to bear arms was useless even against an improvised federal government force when THE militia was used to smash a rebellion with ease.
In an age when the armament of rebels and government were identical, not AR-15 rifle vs. M-1 Abrams tank.

BadTux said...

Actually, the Whiskey Rebellion was armed with hunting rifles and fowling pieces, not military muskets and cannon like the militia. Even then, there was a distinct difference between military weapons and civilian weapons. Military muskets had bayonets mounted and also were long enough to serve as pikes to deal with cavalry charges, as well as a much higher rate of fire than civilian rifles, almost like the difference between a bolt action hunting rifle and an AR-15. And of course cannon are cannon. The militia only hauled a dozen or so cannon with them to put down the rebellion, but it was enough that the rebels didn't bother fighting, they just ran and hid.