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Sunday, June 7, 2015

"Words You Almost Never Hear on Unicom" (and More)

"Meet me on 122.75."

On a nice day, with lots of airplanes in the air, you can almost always count on a couple of piltos jabbering away on 122.8 about where they're going or whatnot. It's almost as annoying as the bizet calling in from about 16,000' on its descent to check on the status of a rental car.

So knock that shit off, people.


It seems that most smartphones come with a mapping app. If you're going to park your car in a huge lot, why not use that app to "drop a pin" where you parked your car? That'll probably get you back within fifty feet of it. And it's not as though the fucking NSA/FBI/DEA don't already know where you are. (And it'll save you $25.)


Jake was by his feeding station, complaining because there was no dry food. When I gave him some, he just walked away. Because he might want it later and by then, I might be out doing something else.


DTWND said...

Same happens on 122.7 near me. At least 8 airports within 50nm use 122.7 and we even hear from a couple of Canadian airports as well. I know its annoying (and as a CFI I try to teach my students correctly) but on the other side of the coin, at least the GA segment is out flying. I hate to see planes sitting in the tie-downs soaking up sun week after week.


Old NFO said...

Why don't they check it on their smart phones??? Geez...

CenterPuke88 said...

Go old school...get out of car and look to triangulate your position. Then walk down one of the lines to intersect the other on your return. Or, in most bigger lots they have these strange things on most light poles, called signs, often with distinctive numbers or pictures...exercise your mind...or if you can't remember, snap a picture.

Leo Knight said...

Odd typo, "piltos," sounds like some kind of Mexican food: "I'll have a bean burrito with a side order of piltos, please."

Murphy's Law said...

Amen on the Unicom chatter. Out in Western PA, the old guys at Rostraver seems to be the worst offenders, but some of the pilots around Winchester and Warrenton in VA are bad for it, too. It's ridiculous some days.