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Sunday, January 4, 2015

"When the Presidential Bug Gets in Your Veins, the Only Thing That Will Get It Out is Embalming Fluid."

Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee said on Saturday that he was leaving his weekly Fox News show so he can explore a 2016 presidential bid.
While some people close to [Willard M.] Romney insist he hasn’t moved from saying he has no plans to run, the 2012 Republican nominee has sounded at least open to the idea in recent conversations, according to more than a dozen people who’ve spoken with him in the past month.
“America loves an underdog. We’re definitely the underdog in this race,” he said in an interview Tuesday. [Rick "Frothy"] Santorum added that being underestimated — again — “has given me a lot of latitude.”
About the only ones not considering jumping into the race are Bob Dole, John McCain and Harold Stassen.


BadTux said...

But if you listen to any of them, Ronald Reagan is on the ballot, and they're just Reagan's temporary stand-in.

Deadstick said...

Rick Perry will jump in if we send him a jar of maple syrup.

Anonymous said...

I don't know, some of their ideas are so old, they may HAVE veins full of embalming fluid.

BadTux said...

I bet the Repubs are annoyed they passed the 22nd Amendment to make sure there were no more FDR's, otherwise they could dig up Ronald Reagan's moldy embalmed corpse and run that again. As a bonus, the corpse would be less likely to be a disaster as President than any of the current Republican crop.

Marc said...

McCain is too busy whacking GOP state committee kneecaps in AZ to start an exploration right now. Once he's done with the payback in his home state, I'm sure he'll start making noise about a Presidential Comeback...or something.

hans said...

feel like every day I'm waking up in a monkey house watching snake dancers n chicken biters howling n slinging their shit at each other LIVE On TV! Before Your Very Eyes! ... an order of magnitude or three worse than the 50's Birchers n 60's Goldwaterites