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Friday, January 30, 2015

Mittens Folds His Tent

Rmoney isn't going to run in `16. That's reasonable, given that nobody seems to want him to.

Which probably means that the American oligarchs will coalesce around Jeb Bush.


B said...

Jeb ain't gonna get my vote.

I'd sooner vote for Hillary.

Snowdog said...

No more Bushes, no more Clintons. Been there, done that.

mikey said...

The Cruz nutjob wing wants their turn. They got shut down in 2008 for McCain. In 2012, all of their favorites fell out of the clown car and went home on the short bus, and the party nominated Mittster. So this time, they're not going to sit still for an oligarch approved RINO - they honestly believe that those losses were due to insufficient hatred and bigotry.

I dunno what's going to happen at this point - it's all up in the air - but I'm getting out my popcorn...

3383 said...

I'll vote for almost anyone that isn't Hillary.

Mike R said...

mikey, the problem is the high probability that the republicans will give you someone not in the almost anyone category. Think Ted Cruz or Scott Walker.