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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

A Modest Proposal to Solve the Problem of Ignorant Yuppies Not Vaccinating Their Kids

Two parents in California, whose son cannot be vaccinated because his immune system is compromised from chemotherapy, have asked the local schools to ban children whose parents have refused to have them vaccinated. It seems that seven percent of the children at the school have parents who are ignorant fucktards who have refused to have their children vaccinated.

Measles is highly contagious. So kid A, who has measles, walks through a room. Two hours later, another kid walks through the room and the second kid is likely to catch the disease.

If you don't vaccinate your kids and some other kid, like that child who is recovering from leukemia, gets sick, then the parent of that kid gets to whale on your kneecaps with a 3' length of rebar.  Because shit like this shouldn't be happening in a First World country.


Deadstick said...

I might prefer a barbed-wire flail if it could happen...but on the real side, do you suppose there's a potential for some whopping lawsuits against the germ mongers?

S O said...

To sue them for negligence and take a few yearly salaries from them would surely be the American way!

S O said...
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