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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Terrafugia Wants a Hell of an Exemption

Specifically, they want a waiver of the LSA gross weight limits from 1,320lbs to 1,800. (As well as a waiver of the stall speed from 45kts to 54kts.)

AOPA says the rules are arbitrary. So what, aren't they all? What's so sacrosanct about the single-engine stall speed of 61kts? Or the 800HP rule for type-ratings? If the Terrafugia is a LSA, why not the Cessna 150 or 152, which are both lighter and have a lower stall speed?

LSAs were supposed to be simple and relatively cheap. The Terrafugia is neither. Anyone who can afford to buy a $300,000+ airplane isn't going to be terribly deterred by the requirement to get a private ticket.


Sarah said...

So, an 1800 pound airplane with a Rotax 115 hp engine and the same wing area... what could possibly go wrong?

If this is approved, I don't understand what the LS category was supposed to be at all. It's a shame it couldn't stretch instead to include the 140/150/152, and T-craft, Citabria etc. etc.

Still we see flying cars seem to be neither good cars nor good airplanes. Without a revolution in power plants & power storage, it's probably best to buy a decent airplane and a decent car... separately.

Borepatch said...

Terrafugia seemed a very cool technology concept - very George Jetson. But yours is one of the best explanations that this is not about technology.