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Tuesday, August 8, 2023

If You Want Good Pasta Sauce, You'll Have to Make your Own

Campbell Soup is set to buy Sovos Brands, the maker of Rao’s pasta sauces.

In a Monday announcement, the two companies said they had entered an agreement for Campbell’s to acquire Sovos for $23 per share in cash — reflecting a total value of about $2.7 billion

The managers and beancounters at Campbell's will start mucking around with it. They'll change one ingredient for a cheaper one after convincing themselves that the taste didn't change. Then they'll change another ingredient and another and end up adding high-fructose corn syrup to try to mask the taste of the changes changes.

Hell, they'll probably try wrapping jars of Prego with the Rao's label. Because when big companies buy small companies that make a notable product, nothing good happens for consumers.

ETA: Campbell's says they won't change the sauce. Yeah, sure they won't.

In a pig's eye.


Jones, Jon Jones said...

Can I keep this screed from going off of the rails? Is the best revenge living well?

I can do a better Arriabata sauce than any restaurant in town using a quality canned tomato. That's a comment on the town. Many moons ago, we became fans of sustainable farming and the slow food movement.

When you change a person's relationship to their food, you change them

... and the world." - Steve Tate, Goat Lady Dairy co-founder Won awards all over the world.

Marcella Hazan is the goddess of Northern Italian cooking
Among the techniques Hazan suggests are:[importance?]

Choose vegetables that are in season and plan the entire meal around them.
Soak vegetables in cold water for half an hour before cooking to remove all trace of grit. Cook them until they are tender, but not mushy, so that they have a rich flavour.
When sautéing onions, put them in a cold pan with oil and heat them gently; this will make them release their flavour gradually and give them a mellower taste than starting them in a hot pan.
Although some types of pasta, like tagliatelle, are best made fresh at home, others, like spaghetti, should be bought dried. Pasta should be matched carefully to sauce.
Olive oil isn't always the best choice for frying; in delicately flavoured dishes, a combination of butter and vegetable oil should be used.
Garlic presses should be avoided at all costs.

If I have a hankering for poulet rouge, all I have to do is go pick it up from the source that butchered it.

If you are lucky enough to know someone in MKE or have a friend passing thru, you can get sausage that is made fresh without preservatives
Best Hungarian sausage I've ever had. It will put a smile on your face.

Tonight, I made bruschetta from garden tomatoes and basil. We like the recipe here

dan gerene said...

Mr. Jones Thanks for the cooking advice. I really learned a few things especially the part about the garlic press. Should I just put the garlic in the water with the yeast and sugar? Maybe I wouldn't hear "What the heck is this stuff" from those I gave a sample of my wine.

Jones, Jon Jones said...

Depends on how you are applying garlic. We knew Elizabeth Terry before she wrote her book

Our chip out position after a bad day at work back in the GIV days.