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Wednesday, August 30, 2023

Freezin' Mitch (and Putzim Rudy)

Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell appeared to briefly freeze up and was unable to answer a question from a reporter at an event in Kentucky on Wednesday, weeks after he had a similar episode in Washington.

According to video from a local news station, the 81-year-old McConnell was asked whether he would run for reelection in 2026. The senator asked the reporter to repeat the question before trailing off and staring straight ahead for about 10 seconds.

A woman standing at the front of the room with McConnell asked him whether he heard the question and she repeated it. When McConnell did not answer, she announced to the room that “we’re going to need a minute.” McConnell eventually answered two additional questions — though not the one about a 2026 campaign — and was halting and appeared to have some difficulty speaking. The woman then ended the news conference and McConnell left the room, walking slowly.

This all seemed to begin after he fell and hit his head. Concussions can really mess up a person.

Meanwhile, Rudy was playing fuck-around games with the case in which he is being sued for defamation. Today, he found out:

A federal judge on Wednesday held Rudy Giuliani liable in a defamation lawsuit brought by two Georgia election workers who say they were falsely accused of fraud, ruling that the former New York city mayor gave “only lip service” to complying with his legal obligations while trying to portray himself as the victim in the case.

U.S. District Judge Beryl Howell said the punishment was necessary because Giuliani had ignored his duty as a defendant to turn over information requested by election workers Ruby Freeman and her daughter, Wandrea’ ArShaye Moss, as part of their lawsuit

Most practicing lawyers are smart enough not to get caught in a discovery dispute. But Rudy isn't a practicing lawyer and, when he was doing law over three decades ago, he was a glory-hogging prosecutor. He has no business driving the bus on a case in which he's being sued. Like his Orange Overlord, he apparently let his ego get in the way. And it's going to cost him, bigly.


Richard said...

It is time for McConnell to retire. It is time for Feinstein to retire. We could let them keep their offices until they don't need them anymore, but I don't want these geezers making important decisions. They had a long run, and the world has moved on.

Marc said...

Could it be the punishment for withholding the discovery information has been weighed against what it would reveal, and found to be the more palatable choice?

w3ski said...

Retiring is a reality for most of us, there comes a time that you can't do the job anymore and that's all she wrote. I really dislike people that want to die on the job. I sure as hell don't want their corpse around my workplace. Give up the job and let a new person make the good money for a change. Old Mitch has mostly become an anchor against any real progress in this country anyway, it's definitely time for him to go. I know he wants an equally evil replacement but I think his time is officially over. Wheel out him and Funstein and a few others while they are at it.

seafury said...

Sorry but neither of them can nor should they retire. It's not worth the risk of upsetting the natural order regarding lobbying and influence peddling. there may be a case of replacing them with say Ben Shapiro and AOC just to maintain a balance, but that should be left up to the Jebus and a council of wise and learned old country preachers. They'll do what's best.