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Thursday, July 6, 2023

That Had to Hurt, a Little

What seems to be a Russian arms depot blew up after being hit by a Ukranian misile:


w3ski said...

I never knew Ukraine celebrated the 4th of July too. That was a better display than some US cities had. Interesting how the Russians stacked all that stuff outside for any passing drone to see.

Eck! said...

Yes, great 4th climax blow off.


JustMusing said...

Looks what I saw from Bien Hoa airbase when the Long Binh ammo dump went up Tet 1968:

Ten Bears said...

There are claims to seeing Jesus in all that, looks like the devil to me

I thought Jesus was in that little submarine ...

Comrade Misfit said...

People are seriously claiming that they see the face of Jesus in that explosion of the Russian ammo dump?

They need professional help. (Especially since, so far as I know, there were no contemporaneous portraits of Jesus. So nobody really knows what he looked like.)