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Tuesday, July 25, 2023

A Really Stable Genius

Imagine this: There's a technology company that has been around awhile. In that sector, its name has global recognition. It has a logo that is recognized by at leasst a billion people. A fairly common verb has become shorthand for using the company's website.

So what does your garden-variety stable genius do? He buys the company, trashes about 70% of its value and then changes the name and logo.

Even that was done with no regard for the law when it comes to doing work on buildings.

At Twitter’s headquarters in San Francisco, meanwhile, workers were seen removing the iconic bird and logo Monday until police showed up and stopped them because they didn’t have the proper permits and didn’t tape off the sidewalk to keep pedestrians safe if anything fell.

If there was somebody running the building who knew the rules, chances are that the Fat Turdlet either ordered them to do it anyway or had fired that person beforehand.

I'm semi-surprised that he hasn't tried to sue Marvel Comics over the term "X-Men" because he clearly thinks that he owns that letter.

My guess is that, if B-schools have a class "don't be like this moron", that he's going to feature in it within a few years.


seafury said...

If only that were true. since the "winners" write history, He and the TOFF will be will be the turning point in murican history. Wait until he gets into the AI game, It'll be used to power the bots that clean the Rio Grande, patrol the waters to keep muria safe, count the votes, etc. I'd love to be around when having run out of people to "cleanse", it turns on the Magats.
Even loving Musk and King Donald the first won't be enough.

CenterPuke88 said...

Meta appears to hold the trademark rights to X in most social media and related fields…Microsoft owns it regarding computing…could be a slight hitch for Rocket Boy.

Comrade Misfit said...

It seems that those idiots blocked off two lanes of traffic in order to start removing the Twitter sign. Anyone who has spent any time in a city of any size knows that you need a police permit, and a cop on safety patrol to do that. But not those arrogant fucks at Twitter.

bearsense said...

There was an old taunt “ If you’re so smart, why ain’tcha rich?
Musk has turned that into: If you’re so rich, why ain’tch smart?

Jones, Jon Jones said...

Weirdest century I've lived in