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Tuesday, July 11, 2023

Cry Me a River; MyPillow Ed.

MyPillow is auctioning off hundreds of pieces of equipment and subleasing manufacturing space after several shopping networks and major retailers took the company's products off shelves.

The Chaska-based manufacturer recently listed more than 850 "surplus equipment" items on the online auction site K-Bid. Sewing machines, industrial fabric spreaders, forklifts and even desks and chairs are up for auction.

Gee, it seems as though fewer and fewer retailers want to be associated with a clown who was openly advocating for a coup and who has embraced one bullshit conspiracy theory after another.

By the time he finishes losing every civil suit brought against him, Lindell will be lucky if he can afford to buy used skivvys at a thrift store. And he will have done it to himself. Nobody made him sign onto the Cult of Cadet Bone Spurs.



JustMusing said...

Don't forget the asinine "Prove Mike Wrong" contest.

Comrade Misfit said...

Which he is being sued over.

Jones, Jon Jones said...

Is he back on the blow?

Ten Bears said...

Tweakers will always be tweakers, meth-heads. Sadly, I have some personal experience (not me, family) with this: meth changes people, and while they may get 'clean' they never get sober, they never change back, never who they once were. Dead and gone ...

Eck! said...

I hear the right go woke go broke...

And there he is is playing his version of woke, and going broke.

Old saw, what goes around, comes around.