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Wednesday, March 8, 2023

Lindsey Graham is Even Dumber Than His Orange Master

Sen. Lindsey Graham said Monday he will introduce a bill laying the groundwork ​for President Biden to use US military force against Mexican drug cartels. ... Graham said he agrees with former Attorney General Bill Barr, who wrote in a Wall Street Journal op-ed last week that the US should designate the cartels as terrorist groups and confront them the same way past administrations confronted ISIS in the Middle East.

Talk about a historically blind moron. When has invading Mexico ever gone well? And make no mistake about it, that's exactly what he is talking about. And Barr? he's been shown to be nothing more than a cowardly Trumpist lackey, who was more than happy to step over the line and get involved in Durham's failed attempt to find somebody to prosecute somebody for supposedly conspiring against the Asset.

Graham is probably worse than an idiot: He's likely spouting off stuff that he knows is garbage, much like Tukyo Rose.


Richard said...

That old fart really should retire. This is crazy talk.

Paul said...

When has invading Mexico ever gone well?

Um, actually, invading Mexico went great back in 1846. Thing was, back then we were facing Santa Anna one of the worst generals in military history, and we were so successful we ended up taking too much territory that the southern slaveowners wanted and ended up not getting, escalating the build-up to our own Civil War.

What IS going to be a problem is that it's not 1846: it's 2023, and technological advances have leveled the playing field to where cartels could run an insurgency campaign against any American occupation to make Iraq and Afghanistan look like spring picnics. Graham's - and other wingnuts obsessed with a LITERAL War On Drugs to push their anti-immigrant and incarceration agendas - plan would worsen America's global standing putting us on the same immoral level as Putin's Russia. We've been fighting a quasi-war against drugs for 50 years (!) and it's damn time we switched methods to treat drugs as a HEALTH CARE crisis instead of a criminal one.

Comrade Misfit said...

We never learn about drugs.

Graham and the rest of the anacephalic pack of neocons have a adamantine inability to learn from history. They think that, by the suitable application of force, that they can make their own reality.

Which worked in Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq.[/sarc]

And, when you get right down to it, Graham is no different in his beliefs than is Putin.

CenterPuke88 said...

On the whole, the Rethuglicans may just believe the Mexican Government might laugh and say OK if the U.S. offered to send troops into Tamaulipas, Nuevo León and Couhuila. We would then be embroiled in an impossible fight, and we’d end up with war crimes broadcast live to the living room from Mexico as frustrated troops acted out. The actual reality is the Mexican Government would say “fuck you, it’s your demand that’s driving this war”…and they’d be right.

Richard said...

Speaking of national divorces, i would be happy to be a citizen of Mexico. I have lived for 65 years in California, Utah and Arizona. Think about it.
My spanish is not good, but i will not be afraid.
I just cant deal with these bible-banging fascists anymore.
Do you remember that time when a fly landed on Mike Pence head? Mosca en leche.