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Thursday, March 30, 2023

A Tragic Day for Army Aviation

U.S. Army investigators are trying to determine what caused two Black Hawk medical evacuation helicopters to crash during a routine nightime training exercise in Kentucky, killing all nine soldiers aboard. No one was hurt on the ground.

Nondice Thurman, a spokesperson for Fort Campbell, said the deaths happened Wednesday night in southwestern Kentucky during a routine training mission
“This was a training progression, and specifically they were flying a multi-ship formation, two ships, under night vision goggles at night,” [Brig. Gen. John Lubas, the 101st Airborne deputy commander] said. He said officials believe the accident occurred when “they were doing flying, not deliberate medical evacuation drills.”

I cannot begin to imagine how hard it is to fly a helocopter while wearing night vision goggles, let alone fly in formation. They'll investigate this, whether to find out what happened or find out who gets the blame, is an open question.

Nine families are going to be burying their soldiers in a few days. They have my condolences.


pigpen51 said...

A close friend of mine was killed on maneuvers flying a helicopter off the California coast, as a rescue chopper for jets flying night flights while using night vision. The only thing they found of him was his helmet.
He went into the Air Force after college, to be a pilot, then left the Air Force and did some more college and enlisted in the U.S. Navy to be able to fly more. He was the typical All American Boy type, an over achiever and succeeded at everything he tried. His dad was the commander of an aircraft carrier. They came to our tiny town after he retired, due to having family there. His dad started an insurance business, which was a huge success. Dean was the young man's name, and the whole town was devastated when he perished.
Thank you for this post about the accident. And prayers for the families who are now facing the same loss that the family in my town did. No doubt most of them have a similar story to tell.

pluky said...

My father test flew 'nap of the earth, night flying' helicopter systems at Hunter Liggett after three tours in Viet Nam as a pilot.

He found that assignment scarier.